You may know Mark Hawkes for his superior firewood having sold to the people of the Mid Coast Region since 1987. Mark has developed many professional and personal relationships and enjoys a reputation for excellence. What you may not know is that during the building months he can bring in the construction crew to clear a lot, build a road, install a septic system, excavate a foundation, and install a NUDURA® insulated concrete foundation. He is certified by the state of Maine to install septic systems and has experience with a variety of methods. This versatile approach allows a landowner owner or builder to control much of the initial stages of the building process through one reputable contractor. This benefits the owner/builder by controlling the costs of handling equipment and tightening up timelines that can be critical to getting a job completed on schedule.

A specialty for Mark Hawkes Construction is work in wetlands and shorefront property. If you have property that is within a protected zone we are capable of working there. Mark has State of Maine certification to work within the Resource Protection Zone.

Please look through our pages to have a better idea of what Mark Hawkes Construction can do for you.